The EMBody Lab Wants YOU

Heading into its first year, and with Dr. Vine on leave, the EMBody Lab is still pretty tiny. But that won't be the case for long! Dr. Vine is recruiting graduate students for Fall 2022, and undergraduate students can get involved before then. We have several current projects, including a grant-funded study on emotion, interoception, and adolescent suicide risk.

See Join The Lab for application info and tips, and lab philosophy.


  • Sarah Victor, Ph.D., Texas Tech University (short- and long-term risk factors in self-harm behavior)
  • Stephanie Stepp, Ph.D., University Pittsburgh (child and youth emotional development, borderline personality disorder) 
  • Amy Byrd, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh (risk for emotion and behavior dysregulation, emotion socialization)
  • Brett MarroquĂ­n, Ph.D., Loyola Marymount University (relationships, interpersonal emotion regulation in psychopathology, coping w/ illness)
  • Shimrit Daches, Ph.D., Bar Ilan University (cognitive and physiological risk factors in depression onset)