Cameron P. Pugach, M.A. (he/him)

Cameron (he/him) is a fourth-year clinical psychology doctoral student working under the mentorship of Dr. Blair Wisco at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His research focuses on the psychological and physiological bases of emotion regulation in adults. He is interested in how people experience and manage their emotions following trauma and how individual differences in these processes contribute to psychological outcomes associated with traumatic stress (e.g., resilience, psychopathology, posttraumatic growth). His current work employs a multi-method approach to measure emotion components (experiential, physiological, behavioral) in daily life using portable ambulatory technologies.

Under the outside mentorship of Dr. Vine, Cameron is currently working on a laboratory-based experimental study examining the effects of rumination - a perseverative, negatively valenced cognitive style of self-reflective thought - on emotional clarity. This study seeks to illuminate (1) whether rumination, relative to other forms of emotion regulation such as mindfulness and distraction, produces a paradoxical decrease in directly and indirectly measured state levels of emotional clarity, and (2) the potentially self-reinforcing nature of ruminative thought. 


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