Emma Ilyaz, BSc (she/her)

Emma joins the EMBody Lab as a Master's student in Clinical Psychology in Fall 2022. Before that, she completed her Honours Bachelor of Science with Distinction at Queen's University and worked as a lab coordinator. Her Honours thesis examined whether vocal emotional prosody differences in mothers with and without depression moderated depressive symptoms in their 3- and 4-year-old children.

In the EMBody Lab, Emma is looking forward to researching the development of emotional dysregulation and its impact on adolescent social dysfunction. Specifically, she wants to understand how adverse childhood experiences with early attachment relationships contribute to the experience of emotions during adolescence, focusing on how the body's stress response plays a role in this relationship. She also likes to learn about mental health epidemiology and policy.

When not working, she enjoys reading fiction and non-fiction books, scrolling on TikTok, watching documentaries and tending to her diverse interests, from learning about airplanes to finding the perfect lasagna recipe.