Samuel R. Petrie, B.S. (he/they)

Sam is currently a fourth-year medical student at Harvard Medical School and a member of the Massachusetts General Hospital Depression Clinical and Research Program (Doctorate of Medicine Candidacy expected in May 2022). Sam is passionate about conducting research on alternative treatments for mental illness, as these may be more acceptable and accessible to many patients than traditional approaches. During his time at Harvard Medical School, Sam has published 10 peer reviewed journal articles and 2 peer reviewed book chapters. Sam is also interested in teaching and has completed numerous projects in the field of medical education. Most recently, Sam created a multimedia learning "tool kit" that teaches medical students trauma-informed psychiatry interviewing skills.

Dr. Vine mentored Sam for three years at the Yale Cognition and Depression Lab, where Sam was a research assistant from 2012-2014. Dr. Vine, then a graduate student, was Sam's first research mentor and provided invaluable teaching to Sam in clinical research skills such as study design and execution, statistics, academic writing, and understanding the multifaceted mechanisms of psychopathology. Their work culminated in Sam's undergraduate honors thesis, titled "Situational Context as a Moderator of Adaptiveness of Emotion Awareness," which he presented at the 2014 Association for Psychological Science Convention in San Francisco.

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